Tuguegarao City, the capital of the province of Cagayan and the Regional Government Center of Region 02, is the center of excellence in commerce, education and culture of the whole Cagayan Valley region. The enactment of Republic Act No. 8755, an Act Converting the Municipality of Tuguegarao into a component city to be known as Tuguegarao City brought forth the establishment of the Schools Division Office of Tuguegarao City.

Under the sterling and inspiring leadership of Hon. Randolph S. Ting, then the City Mayor, the Tuguegarao City Council recommended the establishment of the Schools Division Office of Tuguegarao City to the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) through the Division of Cagayan. In a Regular Session on February 3, 2000, the City Council unanimously approved the Resolution No. 022-2000 entitled, RESOLUTION RECOMMENDING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, CULTURE AND SPORTS THROUGH DECS, DIVISION OF CAGAYAN, THE ESTABLISHMENT OF CITY SCHOOLS DIVISION OFFICE OF TUGUEGARAO CITY PURSUANT TO SECTION 49, R.A. 8755, ALSO KNOWN AS ‘ACT CONVERTING THE MUNICIPALITY OF TUGUEGARAO, CAGAYAN PROVINCE INTO A COMPONENT CITY TO BE KNOWN AS TUGUEGARAO CITY.’ A copy of the Resolution was forwarded to the Office of the Honorable Secretary of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) through the Schools Division Superintendent of Cagayan on February 9, 2000. On February 24, 2000, Hon. Mario L. Ramirez, Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) of the Division of Cagayan forwarded the above-mentioned Resolution to the Hon. Secretary Andrew Gonzales, FSC through Hon. Teresita G. Domalanta, Ed.D., CESO IV, Director IV of the DECS, Regional Office 02 who strongly recommended its approval on March 2, 2000.

On April 13, 2000, Atty. Mario Bravo of DECS, through a letter to Director Domalanta, requested the submission of pertinent documents to facilitate the evaluation of the request for the establishment of a City Schools Division Office of Tuguegarao City. Finally, on April 18, 2000, Hon. Andrew Gonzales, FSC, Secretary of DECS authorized the establishment of the City Schools Division of Tuguegarao City. The Schools Division of Tuguegarao City became the 6th division of the Cagayan Valley Region. On the same date, Marietta L. Tumaneng, Ph. D., Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) of the Division of Cagayan was designated Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent (OSDS) of the newly created Division of Tuguegarao City through the recommendation of Hon. Rodolfo S. Aguinaldo, Representative of the Third District of Cagayan, and Hon. Randolph S. Ting, City Mayor of Tuguegarao City. Likewise, Gregorio A. Agana, Ph. D., Education Supervisor of the Division of Cagayan was designated Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the ASDS.

The newly created City Schools Division of Tuguegarao City was formally inaugurated on October 30, 2000 with Archbishop Diosdado Talamayan as the presider of the concelebrated mass that kicked off the inauguration. It was graced by no less than the principal officials responsible for its establishment, namely: Hon. Rodolfo S. Aguinaldo, Hon. Randoph S. Ting and other City officials, Hon. Teresita G. Domalanta, Hon. Mario L. Ramirez and other officials of the regional and division office of the Department of Education.

To ensure its effective and efficient delivery of basic education services and operation, Ventura R. Durian was appointed Administrative Officer, Dr. Enrique Dayag as Dentist II, Elias Sera as OIC-Supply Officer and Lucy Tupino, Nurse. The other officials designated were the following subject coordinators: Encarnacion Cariaga, Ph. D., English; Norma Miguel, Ph. D., Filipino; Marienor R. Baccay, Social Studies; Fely C, Lattao, Science; Maxima Banatao, Ph. D., Mathematics; Carmelita Rosales, Values Education; Beatriz Pagulayan, MAPEH; Zenaida Baltazar,, Ph. D., TLE, Elizabeth Serrano, Ph. D., Private Schools and Angelina Cambri, Ph. D., NFE. Support staff was also designated, namely: Rhodora Joy G. Perlas, Suzanne D. Palmera, as clerks. Salaries and wages of some teaching and non-teaching were paid by the City Government.

Moreover, the operations of the newly established City Schools Division were supported by the City Government through the leadership of Hon. Randolph S. Ting. The City Government allocated P6 million for Capital Outlay and MOOE of the public elementary and secondary schools for SY 2000-2001 and another P1.5 million pesos for the operation of the new city schools Division. Financial support is still afforded to the Schools City Division and schools.

Three (3) school districts comprised the City Division: Tuguegarao West District, Tuguegarao East District and Tuguegarao North District composed of 26 public elementary schools with Ofelio Pablo, Ph. D., Eliseo Ave, Ph. D. and Edna Marallag assigned as Public Schools District Supervisors of the said districts, respectively. Later, the three schools districts were subdivided into four schools districts. The fourth schools district was named Tuguegarao Northeast Educational Zone.

Cagayan National High School, the largest general secondary school in the region with its two (2) annexes (Cataggaman High School and Linao High School) and Gosi High School were the only secondary schools offering public secondary education. With the yearly upsurge of enrolment of Cagayan National High School, two new high schools were established: Tuguegarao City Science High School and Tuguegarao City West National High School in June 2008 and June 2012, respectively. The birth of Tuguegarao City Science High School during the incumbency of Hon. Delfin T. Ting, the City Mayor, shows the City Government’s continuing support.

Marietta L. Tumaneng, Ph. D. served the Division for six long years from year 2000 to 2006. Gregorio A. Agana, Ph. D., worked with her in his capacity as the first-ever designated ASDS. In 2003, the Schools Division Superintendent, Education Supervisor, Administrative Officer III, Accountant II, Supply Officer II, Planning Officer II, Cashier II, Human Resource Management Officer I and Clerk II positions were in place.

Superintendent Tumaneng supported the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA). As a new Division, all efforts were focused on the first three Key Results Thrusts of BESRA: KRT 1 – Getting all schools continuously improve, KRT 2 – Enabling teachers to further enhance their contribution to learning outcomes, and and KRT 3 – Increasing social support to attainment of desired learning outcomes through the Schools First Initiative (SFI). Significant during her incumbency was the scholarship on Information Technology granted to the teaching and non-teaching personnel of the Division sponsored by the City Government and Saint Paul University Philippines for one semester.

With the transfer of Superintendent Tumaneng to the Division of Cagayan as Schools Division Superintendent, Antonio L. Nang, Ph. D., OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of Isabela was designated OIC-Schools Division Superintendent for barely eight months. His retirement in 2007 gave way to the designation of Lorna B. Manauis, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of Nueva Vizcaya as OIC-SDS on March 24, 2007. She later became full-fledged SDS of Tuguegarao City on May 18, 2007. She served the Division of Tuguegarao City as the 3rd SDS for more than three years. With her innate compassion for children with special needs, the PAG-ASA and Kalinga SPED Centers were recognized. However, on November 10, 2009, she was transferred to the Division of Cagayan as Schools Division Superintendent.

The appointment of Superintendent Manauis to the Division of Cagayan gave way to the designation of Fely C. Lattao as OIC-SDS and was later appointed as Schools Division Superintendent on March 6, 2010. As a hands-on leader, SDS Lattao continually ventured on effective and efficient governance through School-based Management (SBM), thus her leadership focused on strengthening school-home-community collaboration. Here, stakeholders were recognized as the key persons to plan, manage and improve the school. These efforts prepared the schools for accreditation under the Accreditation Program for Public Elementary Schools (APPES). The Division soared to greater heights as she got the highest Mean Percentage Score in the National Achievement Test among all Divisions in the in the Region. SDS Lattao stayed in Tuguegarao City from 2009 to 2011.

The transfer of SDS Lattao as Schools Division of Cagayan during the 2nd quarter of 2011 opened the door to another series of transformation with the designation of Gilbert N. Tong, Ph. D., ASDS of Cagayan as OIC -SDS of the Division on August 11, 2011. He introduced new projects, like the A Parent-a-Day and A Teacher-ADay. Both projects are supportive of the implementation of BESRA particularly KRT 1 and KRT 2. Like his predecessors, SDS Tong was transferred to the Division of Cagayan. Taking his place is Leila P. Areola, Ph. D., who was ASDS of Cagayan was then designated Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent on February 6, 2015.

Meanwhile, the position of Gregorio Agana, Ph. D. as OIC-Principal of Cagayan National High School paved to way to the designation of Pacita Rimban, Ph. D., as OIC-ASDS. She was later transferred to the Division of Cagayan.

Jesus Maggay took over as OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) from August, 2006 to July, 2008. Due to his promotion as full-fledged ASDS, he was later transferred to the Division of Quirino as ASDS. ASDS Maggay worked with OIC-SDS Nang and SDS Lorna Manauis.

Pedro O. Rapanut came in as OIC-ASDS on June 24, 2009 taking over the position vacated by OICASDS Maggay. OIC-ASDS Rapanut left the Division of Tuguegarao City for the Division of Cagayan. Then, Benito S. Alipio, Ph. D., as OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent.

The arrival of Leila P. Areola, Ph. D. on February 6, 2015 as the new and current OIC-SDS provided the City Division with a fresh perspective on how its goals are going to be attained. Her exposure as coordinator to major programs and projects of DepEd like School-based Management, National CompetencyBased Standards for Teachers, Teacher Induction Program, Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education, Training and Development, K to 12 Program, to name a few complemented with a number of relevant training programs and scholarships like the Superintendent Leadership Program, DepEd IExcels and Superexcels which provided her a strong grasp of transformational and appreciative leadership. All these provided her strong foundation in providing leadership in implementing major DepEd reforms like the K to 12 Program Senior High School (SHS) and the Rationalization Program.

It was OIC-SDS Areola who carried out the full implementation of the Rationalization Plan. Along with her able team, she established mechanisms to promote a culture of excellence and accountability in the conduct of duty while maintaining harmonious working relationships among colleagues through building learning communities and establishing the culture of building each other. With the implementation of the Rationalization Program in the Department, the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent (OSDS), Curriculum Implementation Division (CID), and School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) collaborate and synergize their operations to ensure the attainment of goals.

SDS Areola’s leadership gave birth to the ambitious Technology Integration Plan with the Computer Literacy, SPAM (Special and Public Announcements Messenger) and Project Carla (Communications and Records Local Archive) already in place. She was the brainchild of innovative projects like the Power of 3 + 1 aimed at achieving excellence through collaborative instructional supervision and Project Save a STAR (Save a Student at Risk).

After the leadership of SDS Areola and ASDS Alipio was the assignment of OIC-SDS Denizon P. Domingo, PhD and OIC-ASDS Alfredo B. Gumaru, Jr. PhD. The tandem led the entire division with some noteworthy advocacies like intensifying ICT integration in the operations, processes, and procedures of schools, transforming schools into 21st century learning landscapes, and strengthening community partnerships, to name a few. SDS Domingo and ASDS Gumaru initiated programs like digitization of daily lesson logs, introduction of alternative delivery modes, and involvement of the barangays and the city government in various activities of the division. As a proof to SDO Tuguegarao City’s linkage with the community, they developed a well-researched and beautifully-written literature of the Afi Festival. This effort aimed at establishing the rationale of Tuguegarao City’s celebration of the locally-acclaimed festival. It was also during the term of SDS Domingo and ASDS Gumaru that Tuguegarao City hosted the 2018 Cagayan Valley Regional Athletic Association (CaVRAA) Meet.

With the promotion of some of the region’s educational leaders, ASDS Alfredo B. Gumaru, Jr. PhD assumed as OIC of the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent on September 19, 2018. A month later, Jesus B. Maggay returned to SDO Tuguegarao City as ASDS after serving SDO Cagayan and SDO Isabela. Through their leadership, SDO Tuguegarao City sustained its best practices, set forth by its previous leaders, making SDO Tuguegarao City an ISO certified institution.

At present, the SHS Program expands with 13 private SHS and 5 public SHS. The K to 12 Program continually widens its reach with the City Division’s steady efforts to upgrade instruction. The Project SHAPE (Supervision for Higher Achievement through Partnership and Engagement) supports DepEd’s drive for Continuous Improvement (CI). Through careful study, intensive supervision and capability building, and effective use of technology, the schools are able to address issues and concerns towards improving performance. Moreover, the successful implementation of the Kindergarten Program is rooted in collaboration and engagement of stakeholders which is achieved by applying the We CARE principles.

In addition, the Division of Tuguegarao City has institutionalized the Search for Outstanding Teachers and Employees in response to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and Deped’s PRAISE (Program on Recognition, Awards, Incentives for Service Excellence). This is an annual Search to affirm the significant contributions and exemplary performance of teachers, employees and retirees.

The City Division also bolstered its ICT capability through the Accelerated Productivity Training (APT) for School Heads, Supervisors, Specialists and Unit Heads. The creation and launching of the Project ONE (One Network Environment) centralized the Division’s enterprise-type internet connection.

Supportive to quality academic performance of the schools are 28 Elementary School Heads composed of 25 Elementary School Principals, 1 Head Teacher III, and 2 Master Teachers, 6 Secondary School Principals. After the short stint as Chief of Eleonora S. Cacacho due to retirement, Estella S. Cabaro, Ph. D. heads the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) with 10 Education Program Supervisors, 10 Public Schools District Supervisors, 1 Project Development Officer II, 2 Education Program Specialists II, 1 Librarian II, and 1 Administrative Aide VI. The CID is complemented by the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) with Gina M. Durian, PhD as the OIC-Chief. With her are: 1 Education Program Supervisor, 1 Engineer III, 4 Senior Education Program Specialist, 1 Medical Officer III, 1 Planning Officer III, 1 Dentist II, 3 Education Program Specialist III, and 2 Nurse II. Furthermore, efficient Administrative Services in the City Division is headed by Ventura R. Durian, Jr., Administrative Officer V for General Services, and Jovy Claire Tungcul, Administrative Officer V for Budget and Finance. The following are the newly appointed key officials under the new staffing pattern: Office of the Schools Division Superintendent- Atty. Girlie Mei D. Cuntapay, as the Division’s first Legal Officer III; Atty. Jeremy Jones B. Maramag took her place as Legal Officer III at present; Mc Allen Reonel Sebastian S. Cacacho, Information Technology Officer I; Mariel A. Cammayo, Accountant III; and Administrative Officers IV, Rhodora Joy G. Perlas (Personnel); Flor Marie A. Turingan (Property); Marlowe G. Santos (Cash); and Karla P. Pagulayan (Records).

Furthermore, SDO-Tuguegarao City also blazes the trail in the Alternative Learning System (ALS) with organized classes for inmates and entertainers/GROs which consistently produce a high percentage of passers in the Accreditation and Equivalency (A & E) Test in both Elementary and Secondary. The Abot-Alam Program that reach out to Out-Of-School-Youth in pursuing their studies and providing more trainings for livelihood purposes is also in full swing. The ALS has forged strong partnerships with stakeholders and the community.

The Division is also leading in the Senior High School (SHS) Advocacy Campaign. Various activities like the Education Summits, K to 12 Forum cum Caravan – Motorcade and Kalesacade, Karela para ta K to 12, Senior High School Expo, Career Guidance Program, Pulong-pulong sa Barangay and competitions like K to 12 Jingle Contest, Parent-Child Tandem Poster Making Contest, Trivias, Extemporaneous Speaking, and other K to 12 campaign activities were conducted to ensure awareness among the stakeholders especially on the features of the K to 12 Program.

The SDO-Tuguegarao City also focuses on the extracurricular activities like in Journalism, Skills Competition, Multilingual Read-a-Thon (Ibanag, Ilokano, Filipino and English), SPED Camp and Festival of Talents, ALS Festival, sports. The Division gives equal attention and importance to both academic and co/ extracurricular activities in pursuit of quality education to holistically develop Filipino learners, who are responsive to the global needs.

Presently, the City Schools Division has its office address at Cagayan National High School Compound, Bagay Road, Tuguegarao City, however, a 1200 sq.m. lot (Usufruct Agreement) located at the Regional Center is provided by the City Government through the leadership of Hon. Jefferson P. Soriano, the City Mayor for the construction of a P18 million SDO-Tuguegarao Building funded by the Deped this 2016 and the City Government.

There is much to look forward to as SDO-Tuguegarao City relentlessly pursues the road to excellence. With the learners as the ultimate reason for its efforts, everyone in the Division of Tuguegarao City endeavors to be an INSPIRATION to others. The Division of Tuguegarao City is taking the path to success guided by its tagline YAW I TUGUEGARAO and its philosophy of PLAYING TO WIN.

Dr. Leila P. Areola, CESO VI, Director IV of the Bureau of Learning Delivery and former OIC – SDS
Mr. Ventura R. Durian, Administrative Officer V
Mr. Enrique M. Garcia, Master Teacher I – CNHS
(Updated on December 2018)